Rau Consulting 

Payment optimization

Revenue cannot be realized, if deposits cannot be made.  I assess your entire payment process. I recommend changes to the operation and payment flows to optimize revenue. 

Fraud Management
An effective fraud mitigation strategy aggregates multiple tactics. The goal is to eliminate or reduce the impact of fraudster(s) exploiting the vulnerabilities of an operation. We must not only concern ourselves with the risk of funds, but the greater impact of reputational loss. We offer 4 distinct strategies including 20 tactics to provide an over arching shield.

Product development

Multiple startup launches, and significant background with one of the largest and most successful financial services company in the world (FIS), allows for a unique expertise in how things work as well as how to create new payment products.  

Vendor negotiations and contract review
I offer powerful leverage with the processors.  I have negotiated  contracts and have worked with a significant majority of all the vendors in the space. I know best pricing and contract issues.  I can be an active participant during negotiations, or review the current contracts for opportunities.

These are just a few of the products we offer.  Many other consulting firms can offer expertise.  I have the that, plus the real world experience.  Contact us at info@rauconsult.com or 605 595 6229