Rau Consulting 

We are uniquely positioned to offer guidance on how to navigate through online gaming. 

For state regulators

Regulators need to insure a safe environment for players, while optimizing revenue for the state.  We provide insight on how to manage oversight of the operators and licensees to insure you are asking the right questions.  The goal is to protect and optimize the revenue while protecting the players. We can also offer assistance with law enforcement and investigating fraud in this new market. 

For licensees

The games are the same, but the execution online is different.  We advise licensees on how fraud prevention, responsible gaming, compliance, location verification and payment processing is unique with online operations. We also advise on how to optimize the relationship with your operators.

For operators

We know how difficult it is operating in this new environment.  We have been there.  Our fraud mitigation and investigatory knowledge is second to none.  We have an acute understanding of regulatory and payment processing implications.  We can guide you through resolving a multitude of operating issues in this new regulated environment. 

Payment processors and card issuers

Is Operation Chokepoint impacting you?  We understand.  We can help explain this environment so you can make well informed decisions on how to manage this market.  We can provide insight on all the regulatory requirements.  We can help you have a better understanding of how the operators (merchants) offer a safer environment for  player protection.  We can also provide why this regulated environment is not the same "wild west" of money laundering and fraud that the unregulated markets are so well known for.